Teen Town

In 1992, Teen Town, The Flesherton Dance Committee was created

Over the course of that year Teen town successful hosted three dances at the Flesherton Community Centre, off Highway 10.

These are the Notes from one of their monthly meetings:

May 7th 1992

All founding members of Teen Town,

President: Stacey Hunter, age 12
Treasurer: Candi Carson, age 11 and A half
Secretary: Wendy Schafer age 11 and a Quarter


Meeting Notes:

Today we phoned municipal office to find out about available community center dates
Again NO Answer!

~we discussed refreshments:
definitely, definitely more hostess potato chips and a better variety of pop!

~we are getting another deal from Stedman’s general store in Markdale, because Mr. Stedman is Candi’s uncle…phewf!

~we have decided against decorations!

~we have booked DJ MC A.k.a Scott Betts again for D.J., because he was sooo awesome at the first dance and he is SIXTEEN.

~FINALLY we talked about vandalism, specifically the soap dispenser incident that happened at the first dance, thanks to the that Adam Foster from Dundalk!
He broke the soap dispenser in the boys bathroom and we had to pay an extra $50 dollars in damages.

We are going to see if Jody’s older brother, Ted, will act as security.

~ps…remember to get change for the door this time

Excerpt from Wendy’s Diary

our second dance was so wicked!

We held the Dance on Friday April 10th, 1992.
(last night)
We had a little problem at the start with a few kids drinking but then Ted stepped in and we had a total BLAST!!

I danced to “Fishing in the Dark” with Cory, and we pretended to be casting off into the night sky (ok well it was really the community hall stocco ceiling…that stocco is gross!)

Then later all the girls got together and totally rocked out to Paradise City, Candi and Stacey know all the words.

Finally at the end of the night, Cory asked me to dance to “More Than Words”
We danced totally close
I closed my eyes and mouthed the words!

I will never never forget that dance.

Rhya Tamasauskas, 2004